Planning Your Visit

Feel at home in Jackson, a cozy community hosting beautiful parks and entertaining activities.

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Our Promise to You

At Go Jackson MO, authenticity is our cornerstone. We embrace our hometown vibe and energy, inviting visitors to join us in experiencing the genuine warmth and charm of Jackson, Missouri. From our rich cultural heritage to our vibrant community events, we provide our visitors the opportunity to explore and discover the true essence of Jackson, Missouri. Come on over and experience the feeling of coming home.

Roll out the Welcome Wagon 

We keep things pretty light and easy in Jackson, but here are a few tips, tricks, and resources to help you feel more at home. 

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Predicting the Weather

We love our local meteorologists, but even they would tell you to dress in layers. Our seasons can be unpredictable and temperatures can swing from cold to hot and back again in a single day.

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Jackson, MO

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The Many Seasons of Jackson


Enjoy our beautiful parks or attend Jackson in Bloom or Jackson Reads for some outdoor community fun.


Take a swim in the pool, beat the heat with some shopping, and join us for our annual Homecomers fair.


Don’t miss Oktoberfest, our biggest event of the year. Fall is also a great time to explore a trail.


Take a ride on the Santa Express, have a great meal with friends, and stick around for our annual Christmas parade.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Jackson is conveniently located on I-55, close enough to the city for a day trip but far enough to "get away from it all" for a while. Once you get to Jackson, here are a few things you should know:

  • We have a Main Street, but if you’re looking for “Main Street USA” it’s called High Street in Jackson.
  • Don’t ask where downtown Jackson is, ask where Uptown Jackson is.
  • The city proper is great, but don’t be afraid to wander to the outskirts. You’re likely to find some hidden treasures.
  • If it’s nice outside, we’ll be there. The parks and shopping areas tend to be pleasantly lively on good weather days, so come on out and mingle. 

Jackson Quirks and Curiosities

For the most part, what you see is what you get in Jackson, but like any town, we have our own unique little habits. For example: 

  • We’re all about the Friday Night Lights. During football season it’s a challenge to find a seat at The Pit, but if you can it’s a guaranteed good time.
  • Jackson people make a lot of t-shirts. There’s a t-shirt for every event, fundraiser, and 5k in town. And we host a lot of 5k runs.
  • We’re excellent at welcoming local entrepreneurs and businesses. We love new restaurants, shops, and activities, and we’ll gladly show up to lend our support.
  • We love to feed people. Whether it’s pancake or barbecue fundraisers, making room for food trucks, or closing off High Street to have a big food fest, there’s always something to eat around town. 

Want to learn more?

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