Visit the Wonderful World of Jackson

From fun family outings to quiet getaways, Jackson offers a variety of small wonders and natural beauties to visit.

Jackson Parks

Brookside Park – Veterans Memorial

Visit Jackson's very own memorial to those who have served. Veterans Memorial is located in beautiful Brookside Park, home to two baseball fields and plenty of space for the kids to run around.

City Park Rock Garden

This location is a favorite among locals for weddings and photo ops. Bring the family and make some memories.

Jackson City Park

With plenty of shade trees, play areas, and walking paths, the Jackson City Park is 88 acres of outdoor family fun.

Jackson Soccer Park

Need a wide open space to run in or a chance to get a game going with the family? The Jackson Soccer Park fields offer plenty of space for practice, fun, and competition.

Litz Park

Have a picnic, play some pickleball, or take a stroll around the pond at this small, out-of-the-way park.

Trail of Tears State Park

Find picnic spots, short or long hiking trails, and a gorgeous scenic overview of the great Mississippi River.

Places To Visit

Cape County Alpacas

A surprising way for the whole family to relax, Cape County Alpacas invites you to meet some of their most beautiful residents. Pet the alpacas, watch them graze, and make some memories.

Cape Safari Park

A touch of the exotic in the middle of the country, Cape Safari Park features a wide range of unexpected critters, from camels to peacocks to parakeets and more. Get up close and personal with these amazing pets.

Knowlan Family Farm

A great place for the whole family, Knowlan Family Farm has everything from pick-your-own apples and blueberries to outdoor activities for the kids. You can even feed the goats.

Riverside Regional Library

The Riverside Regional Library is a great place to cool off and lose yourself in a good book. Wall-to-wall books, internet access, and a children's section made to be played in—all are welcome.